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Electric Metal Touch Wax Warmer/Essential Oil Burner in Hummingbird

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This Hummingbird Electric Metal Touch Wax Warmer/Essential Oil Burner is the perfect way to enjoy delightful fragrances of Essential Oils or Wax Melts in your home or anywhere.

Touch any part of the burner to turn it On or Off and enjoy the scents as they fill your space.

With 3 levels of light, it not only controls the brightness of the light but the intensity of heat which limits the amount of fragrance that radiates from the burner.

The touch dimmer adjusts the included halogen light to warm the oil on low, medium or high, depending on how much scent or light you want in your space.

This is a unique electric lamp that’s designed to fill your space with a refreshing aromatic scents and unlike candle based oil warmers, you have absolute control. 

Electric burners are a wonderful way to safely release aromatic scents into your surroundings. With no flame to be concerned about, electric burners are great for your home, business or dormitory. 

The oil burner can also serve as a beautiful nightlight, or to create a relaxing mood with soft light and beautiful scents.  

Simply place your favourite Essential Oil or a Wax Tart onto the small glass plate on the top of the lamp, plug it in and adjust the dimmer.

Always let the lamp cool before adding more oil or wax to the glass plate. 

Requiring no additional operational steps, you just need to drop the Essential Oil or Blend into the small plate on the top of the burner, and then adjust the dimmer.

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Electric Metal Touch Wax Warmer/Essential Oil Burner in Hummingbird at Doni Rari
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